Monday, August 13, 2012

The Words of Mormon: Mosiah 1

The Words of Mormon:  The Book of Mormon up to this point has been taken/translated from the small plates of Nephi.  Only after Mormon had made his abridgement and had completed it did he discover these "small" plates of Nephi which he then translated in their entirety and preserved along with his abridgement of all the other records.  He did so because the Lord commanded him specifically to include this record. They became the FIRST 143 pages of the Book of Mormon because after Joseph Smith had translated the first portion of Momon's abridgement, Martin Harris begged/insisted/badgered Joseph Smith to let him take the translation to show to his wife.  Joseph Smith after being told no by the Lord a couple of times goes again to the Lord and gets qualified permission.  Joseph lets Martin take the pages and subsequently the portion of the manuscript that Martin Harris takes is either lost or stolen.  The Lord commands that the original translation NOT be retranslated because of the evil designs of men to alter/corrupt and challenge the authenticity of the manuscript if republished.  The small plates give a parallel account of those same years and are focused on the more spiritual part of their journey and are substituted for the lost record.

Application:  Sometimes we must obey the Lord even when his purposes are not clear.  Do I seek, listen and then obey??? Or do I rationalize, weigh, balance and then proceed only if I think it is right?  It is OK to study it out etc. but then one must return to the Lord for the confirmation that their decision is right BEFORE one acts upon it.

Mosiah 1:  King Benjamin was a righteous king and he labored tirelessly until he established peace in all of his land.  He educates his sons in the language of their fathers, their history and the prophesies regarding their people.  He teaches them of this that they may be "men of understanding".  It is the written record that keeps men civilized.  He tells them (and us) to search the scriptures diligently and to keep the commandments of God.  Benjamin is nearing the end of his life so he desires to speak to his people one last time.  He calls his people together to give them a name and a blessing.  He passes the records and sacred artifacts to his son Mosiah.

Application:  Do I honor the name I have been given>  Do I honor my parents? Do I honor the name of Christ which I took upon me at baptism.  Do I honor the new name given me in the temple>  Remember the George A Smith story where he sees his granfather in a vision/dream and his (namesake) grandfather asks him what he has done with his name.  Elder Smith relates he was relieved and glad  that he was able to report that he had never did anything to dishonor it.  Will I endure to the end like King Benjamin living a righteous life of service?

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