Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jacob 7

Jacob 7
An antichrist named Sherem seeks to destroy the Nephites belief in Christ.  He is educated, charismatic and quite a talker! He is having significant  success and his pride and ambition lead him to frequently and consistently try to obtain a meeting with Jacob.  He believes in Satan's support and power and believes he can shake Jacob's testimony  and feels if he "converts" Jacob he will then have power over all the people.  Finally they meet and Sherem greets Jacob as "Brother Jacob" but despite his smooth talking, Jacob is able to confound Sherem in all of his words and arguments.  Sherem finally insists that Jacob "PROVE IT!" by giving him a sign.  Jacob refuses but when presses tell him the if you want to continue to seek a sign and if God smites you then so be it.  Sherem is struck down and falls to the ground, and after being cared for for many days, he knows he is about to die and he recants his previous teachings and further he testifies of Christ.  All who hear him are very moved and the Spirit of God moves upon them and they all repent.  The Lamanites reject any attempts to reconcile and accept the gospel.  So preparations to protect the people against a war are made.  Enos is given the plates by his father Jacob, and Jacob, who is nearing the end of his life, bids farewell.

Application:  We must hold to the rod and to the prophets that "ye be not decieved". (verse 25) Do all you can and trust God and you will come out conquerors in the end. 

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