Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jacob 4-6

Jacob 4: Jacob writes upon the plates so that his posterity may know that; he knew of Christ, that the law of Moses points to Christ,that through the atonement of Christ, the only Begotten son we may obtain a resurrection and with faint ontain a glory and the prophets testify of Christ. We have weaknesses so that God can show His grace. Verse 10 is one of my favorites: "Seek not to counsel the Lord but to accept counse from his hand. For ye yourselves know that He counseleth in wisdom and in justice, and in great mercy, over all His works." Jacob teaches of Christ's Atonement and resurrection. The Spirit always speaks the truth. We are warned agaist "looking beyound the mark" (seeking things we can not understand).

Application: Do I keep my heart and mind open the the Lord's will or do I want/insist on things being "my" way? Also, I should always focus on perfecting the basics and gaining knowledge of Jesus Christ rather than seeking to know the mysteries of God.

Jacob 5: Jacob quotes from the prophet Zenos' writings (brass plates). He tells the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees (Israel and the Gentiles) This chapter is a great overview of the Lord's dealings with Israel and his chosen people. He reveals the falling away, the restoration of the Gospel, the final gathering of Israel in the last days, and the end/burning of the vineyard(earth).

  Application: Am I diligent in "digging, pruning,and dunging" my small portion of the vineyard? Do I nourish and instruct my family? Do I try to bring my neighbors to a knowledge of Christ that they may become "tame" and that the fruits of their lives be sweet?

Jacob 6: Jacob adds his testimony to Zenos' He testifies of the truthfulness of the prophesies concerning the House of Israel. He implores his peopleto soften their hearts and come unto Christ. He speaks of the Lof of Christ's mercy but the reality of the law of justice. Choose life and Christ or choose shame, guilt and death!

  Application: "O be wise; what more can I say?"

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