Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jarom, Omni

Jarom is the son of Enos, he passes the plates on without adding his spiritual experiences because he feels they are so similar to what has already been written and the plates are small and he states "what more could I write than my fathers have written?"  But he does give a synopsis of Nephi's story up to his present day (238 years)  He states much of it has been spent in wars, contentions and dissensions.  Jarom states the intent of the law of Moses was to persuade the people "to look forward unto the Messiah and believe in him to come as though he already was"

Application: How do I imagine l'lI live my life differently during the millenium--ie doing genealogy, attending the temple, increased sisterhood, increased service, enjoying nature.--can I live this way now?

Omni is the son of Jarom.  He is a soldier who adds his name to the plates for the sole purpose of fulfilingl his father's comandment to keep the plates. He then passes the plates to his son Amaron.  Amaron states that the more wicked Nephites have been killed or taken captive by their enemies fulfilling the prophecy that warns "Inasmuch as you will not keep my commandments, ye shall not prosper in the land.  This warning--that this is a promised land, preserved and blessed by the Lord for the use of the righteous--is frequently emphasized in the Book of Mormon.  Amaron passes the plates to his brother Chemish.  Chemish adds his testimony of his brother and passes the plates to Abinadom his son.  Abinadom is a soldier who records his name and passes it onto his son Amaleki.  Amaleki records the story of one King Mosiah who being warned to flee out of the land, takes those people who will join him and leaves the land of Nephi.  They are led by the Lord to the land of Zarahemla where they meet a another group of people who had been led out of Jerusalem by the Lord as Lehi had.  However, they had brought no records with them and their language had become corrupted.  They rejoiced when they learned of the records that King Mosiah had.  Mosiah unites with this people and becomes their king.  A large stone with engravings is brought to Mosiah for him to translate.  It is the record of Coriantumr and his fathers who came out of Jerusalem at the time of the tower of Babel.  Amaleki lived during the days of Mosiah and knows and admires King Mosiah and his son Benjamin.  Since he himself has no son to pass the plates to he gives them to King Benjamin.  He closes his writings by asking all to believe in prophesy, revelations and the ministering of angels.  the gift of tougues the the interpretation of languages and in all things that are good.  We should continue in fasting and prayer and endure to the end so we can be saved.  He recounts how several groups have gone into the wilderness to try and find and reclaim the Land of Nephi.  One who left was his brother who he has not seen since.

Application:  When the history/genealogy of my line is written will I just be a name added or will I have my righteousness or counsel etc recorded for the benefit of my posterity.?  Am I keeping a journal, recording the goodness and blessings of the Lord?

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