Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enos 1

Enos writes of his "wrestle" before God to have his calling and election made sure
  1. He remembered (pondered) all the words and testimonies he had read and heard
  2. He desired (hungered) to know for himself about eternal life
  3. He went to the Lord in mighty prayer-continuing all day.
  4. He recieved a remission of his sins through Christ.
  5. He recieved a great love and desire towards his brethern and then even his enemies the Lamanites.
  6. Because of all he recieved in this experience, he had a perfect faith in the Lord and His power to answer prayer
  7. Enos continues righteously and becomes a prophet--teaching and testifying
  8. He endured to the end
The tendency of the rest of us is a quick decline into sin and destruction if we are not continually "stirred up" to a rememberence of the Lord.  Enos tells of the joy he will have when he dies and will see His Lord.  His testimony reminds me of Elder Bruce R McConkie's testimony.

Application: How sweet to gain a truly personal relationship with the Lord.  Am I willing to do what I need to do to secure my own calling and election?

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