Monday, July 21, 2014

Mosiah 5 and 6

Mosiah 5:  Faith brings us to a knowledge of the infinite goodness of God and our glorious future in the eternities with Him.  And that knowledge, born of faith, brings us overwhelming happiness and joy.  We are admonished to be "steadfast and immoveable, always abounding in good works" that we may be sealed up to salvation and eternal life with Christ.
APPLICATION: Have I felt the joy of the gospel and experienced the gift of revelation?  If not I must work to strengthen my faith for it is though faith that they are given.

Mosiah 6:  Everyone has his name officially recorded on the records of the church as having entered into a covenant with Christ.  Mosiah is made king, priests are appointed to teach and lead the people (wards made) Mosiah is a righteous man and king and there was no contentions among the people for 3 years.
APPLICATION:  If given a position of power and authority (ie king) would I remain humble and continue to labor alongside my fellow men?  Do I dream of or seek to move to a better neighborhood, bigger house, newer car in order to get involved with a "better class" of people? Or am I able to see each and all as a daughter or son of God no better or worse than myself?

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